SW Idaho is dedicated to serving our local businesses and community.  If you have any questions please contact us below.

Email: swidba@gmail.com

Phone: 208.274.0844

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Terms of Use

Our Code of Ethics

Respect and courtesy for the business entities we partner with, communities we work in, and charities we support. We believe in integrity and ethics in our actions, responsibility, and accountability for our decisions and their consequences, and finally, transparency in our operations. We’re committed to acting honestly, truthfully and with integrity in all our transactions and dealings. Avoiding conflicts of interest. Appropriately handling actual or apparent conflicts of interest in our relationships. Treating our members fairly. Treating every individual with dignity, courtesy, and respect. Being a good corporate organization and complying with both the spirit and the letter of the law. Acting responsibly toward the communities in which we work and for the benefit of the business organizations, communities, and charities that we serve. Being responsible, transparent and accountable for all our actions.

Membership Agreement and Renewal Terms

SW Idaho Business Alliance 2020 dues are $50/year, invoiced and collected on the anniversary date of membership. The SW Idaho Business Alliance offers a 10% discount to any organization that is a current member of any Chamber of Commerce. Any entity registered with the Secretary of State, or possessing a business license is eligible for membership. Dues are not considered a tax deduction, but may be considered an ordinary and necessary business expense (please contact your tax consultant). You will be listed in our membership directory, unless otherwise requested. To preserve the integrity of membership value, we do not list members email addresses.

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